Thomas Michael Marks

Thomas Michael Marks


Name: Thomas Michael Marks

Goes by Thomas or Tom

DOB: July 24th, 1962; age 54

Home Address: 2645 Farrington St, Roseville, MN 55113

Cell: (612) 295-5153

Home: (651) 714-8588

Vehicle: grey Toyota Prius, Minnesota plates “525 KZH”

He lives with his:

Mother: Sandra V Marks; (651) 280-5009; age: 78, birth year 1938
Wife: Mioko Marks; (651) 434-8155; age: 44, birth year: 1972


Uses screen name “TheEnWhitenedOne” on Identity Evropa’s private Discord chat server and Dailystormer

Thomas Marks’ Daily Stormer Activity: (

Thomas Michael Marks is a known Pedophile and Nazi.

The 54 year old Roseville, Minnesota White Nationalist organizer has been arrested in an undercover Child-sex sting in August, 1997. Marks answered an internet ad for a company in Yuma, Arizona offering enticements of ”the young at heart”.  This is a known code phrase for those interested in sex with children. The placed Ad was part of an under cover operation and Marks was arrested after flying into Yuma and meeting with his “sex-tour liaison” at a motel. According to court documents Marks was interested in overnight stays with pre-teen girls and booked a three day stay with several 8-year old girls. After raiding his residence federal agents discovered child pornography downloaded to his computer. Marks was a teacher before getting arrested in the Child-sex sting. (See bottom of page for relevent Federal and State Court documents)

Thomas Marks has been going to meet ups of Identity Evropa and Alt Right MN in the Twin Cities. He is actively recruiting and organizing “healthy, strong, white boys” to be part of his ideal “White Ethno-Nationalist
country” through The Daily Stormer and Alt Right MN/Identity Evropa’s chat rooms. For all of them, his user name is “TheEnWhitenedOne”. Since Marks is unemployed he spends much of the day incessantly posting and lurking online. On February 25th, 2017, Marks and fellow Neo-Nazi Alexander Rowson (who was recently doxed) participated in an (attempted) “White Lives Matter” rally at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Both he and the rally got shut down by antifascist protesters. He lives with his retired mother Sandra Marks and his wife Mioko Kiyooka Marks.

Members of Identity Evropa have been responsible for putting up posters and stickers with racist and white supremacist content on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus and throughout Minneapolis. Marks has expressed support and encouragement to members who posted swastika filled flyers across the cities on The Daily Stormer forums.

Some selected comments by Mr. Micahel Marks: (

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Documents from Thomas Michael Marks’ Court Cases:

Federal Cases:

  • 2_97-cr-00341-ROS (Travel With Intent to Engage in Sexual Act With a Juvenile)
  • 2_97-mj-01592-BGS (Travel in Interstate Commerce, or Conspire to do so, for the Purpose of Engaging in any Sexual Act (as [Defined] in Section 2245) with a Person under 18 years of Age
  • 99-cr-00243-DSD (Travel With Intent To Engage In Sexual Act With a Juvenile)

Minnesota State Cases:

  • 62-K8-97-002518 [POSS COCAINE 5TH DGR (Not
    applicable – GOC)]

Alexander Reyes Rowson

Alexander Reyes Rowson



Alexander Reyes Rowson


November 8th, 1989

Home address:

3809 Sibley Street
Burnsville, MN 55337

Burnsville Pointe Apartments
T: (952) 895-1731
F: (952) 895-1732


Power Engineers

12000 Portland Avenue
Suite 220
Burnsville, MN 55337
Phone: 952-948-8000


Alexander does not have Family in Minnesota, his parents and brother live in San Francisco, CA:

Brother: Zachary Rowsen

Father: John Rowson, lives at 463 Fair Oaks St, San Francisco, CA 94110


“Anton Rays” for facebook and “political” work

“Anthony Reyes” for photography


Phone numbers:




Silver Honda Civic with tinted windows and Idaho license plate: 1L D2242 (expired tabs as of writing this)


“Anton Rays”


“Anton Rays”

  • Likes to play classical guitar and produces electronic music.
  • Goes to Church at Latter Day Saints Institute of Religion in Dinkytown, 1205 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, attends the service on Sundays at 10am
  • He grew up in San Francisco and moved to Idaho, where he lived for 5 years to attended the University of Idaho and graduating with a degree in engineering. Before moving to Minnesota he briefly lived in Boston and then Detroit. In November 2016, shortly before the election he moved to Burnsville, MN

Alexander Reyes Rowson is a white nationalist organzing within the Twin Cities, with connections to Identity Evropa, a fascist organization from California. Alexander is one of the leading organizers of the Alt Right movement in Minnesota. Alexander was born on November 8th, 1989 and grew up in San Francisco, CA. He moved to Moscow, Idaho in 2008 to attend the University of Idaho to study engineering. During his time in college he started his fascist “career” with several recorded incidents about his racist statements.

Alexander and other members of Alt Right MN organized a white lives matter rally at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) on February 25th, 2017. The rally was prevented from happening by an antifascist counter demonstration. When Alexander arrived at the MIA he was confronted by antifascists. In response, Alexander performed the traditional Nazi salute and shouted “Heil Trump”.

Alexander Rowson saying “Heil Trump!” and doing a nazi salute at the white lives matter rally on February 25th, 2017.

Members of Identity Evropa have been responsible for putting up posters and stickers with racist content on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus and throughout Minneapolis. Alexander expressed support and encouragement to members who posted swastika filled flyers across the cities on the Identity Evropa forum.

Alexander is currently involved in organizing “President Trump’s First 100 Days of Triumphs” rally at the Minnesota State Capital on May 6th, 2017 at 10am. There is also a counter-demostration at the same time and same place. The rally will feature speaker Simon Roche, a member of the South African white separtist group the Suidlanders. The group believes that an eminent #WhiteGenocide in South Africa necessitates a decentralized defense and separation of the white population from the countries black majority. The Suidlanders are currently touring the United States, seeking support and trying to raise funds for, what they believe is an upcoming “race war” in South Africa. Along with Simon Roche , Alexander Rowson and other Alt Right MN and Identity Evropa members are scheduled to speak at the event on May 6th, hoping to spread their message of hate.

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Contact us if you have any more information:

Counter Demo:

Minnesota State Capitol

75 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155
May 6th, 2017 @ 10am